About the Journal

We are delighted to welcome all the readers, contributors, and professional community members!

We express our sincerest congratulations on the publication of the new version of the Journal of Main Issues of Pedagogy and Psychology – from now on to be published in English. It is meant to make the scientific achievements in the respective sphere of expertise in Armenia more comprehensible and coherent in the world of Pedagogy and Psychology, thus, contributing to further integration within the professional circles and special interest groups. 

The current reality in the domain entails specific changes in the role assumed by teachers and teaching methodology experts, among other aspirations, gradually enhancing the traditional mission of sheer knowledge transmission with more elements of child’s personality development. Consequently, an innovative mindset in the respective fields of Pedagogy and Psychology grows into an urgent demand. 

Aims and Scope

Our journal aims to contribute to the dissemination of modern pedagogical and psychological knowledge and practices obtained and implemented for the improvement and progress of the educational system both in Armenia and abroad.  

This scientific journal will present the results obtained by leading researchers and scientific centers in the realm of modern Pedagogy and Psychology. 

The Editorial Board would appreciate your suggestions and comments, which will definitely be of invaluable assistance in the endorsement of the objectives that the Journal is heading for. 




Ruben Mirzakhanyan

Doctor of Philosophy in History, Professor 

Rector of Khachatur Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University