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At the end of 1917 an official U.S. government body, known as The Inquiry, was created in order to prepare documents for the peace negotiations that were to follow World War I. The Inquiry was composed of around 150 academics and was directed by the presidential adviser Edward House. The suggestions made by the research body were incorporated into President Woodrow Wilson’s famous “Fourteen Points” which he delivered in the U.S. Congress on January 8th, 1918, defining the war aims of the United States during World War I and suggesting possible peace terms that would to follow the Great War. Point 12 of the “Fourteen Points” proclaimed that non-Turkish nations (which included Armenia) of the Ottoman Empire, should be given an opportunity for “autonomous development,” and accordingly The Inquiry was also tasked with defining the boundary of the future State of Armenia. In 1918 a number of reports were prepared by the research group which proposed the territory for the State of Armenia which extended from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, covering mostly Armenian Highland and the coastal areas of the above noted seas. Members of The Inquiry also suggested a union of the above noted territory with Eastern Armenia, a scheme that was officially presented in 1919 during the Paris Peace Conference by the American delegation.

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