The Problem as a Developmental Resource


  • Dmitry LEONTIEV Lomonosov Moscow State University



psychological problems, difficulties, transformation of problem, dialectical logic


The paper presents an attempt to treat psychological problems in their positive function, as a resource for personality development. Life at large may be treated as problem-solving. Conscious and satisfying living is not a problem-free one, but rather the living heading toward the 39 infantile problems toward profound existential and insoluble problems of an adult living which direct one’s path of personal maturation. Any problem begins with a contradiction of two oppositions, and besides straightforward or compromise strategies of resolving the contradiction, an ultimate dialectical solution is also possible through ascending to a broader framework, scheme of things in which the initial contradiction dissolves, ceases to exist anymore. This way of solving the problem is the way of increased understanding and advanced personality development. The author has elaborated a specific group practice of working with participants’ life problems based on the facilitation of experience processing. This Life Enhancement Work allows to identify inner barriers hampering the experience processing, and the participants become able to unveil the solution they have within themselves; the result is either transformation of the problem into a more mature one or its complete dissolution.

Author Biography

Dmitry LEONTIEV, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Professor, Doctor of Psychology. HSE and Lomonosov Moscow State University


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